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We got chickens!

IMG_6347My parents told me that we are getting chickens. My first thought is why chickens? My parents said it was for the eggs the hens lay. We can get fresh egg everyday! The old chicken coop needed some work so dad was working to fix the roof and also build a chicken run. Chickens need a run to get sunshine during the day and to get enough nutrient to produce that perfect egg!

Mom and dad went to get the chickens. They told me it was a long troublesome day. On the major highway they got a flat tire on the animal trailer. The flat tire was on the traffic side so dad had to be very careful changing the tire. ┬áMom and baby had to watch dad so he wont get hit by a car. It was a very scary 30 minutes. Finally the flat tire was fixed but when dad started the truck the truck didn’t start. The truck battery died! So parents had to wait for a tow truck to get a battery boost. My parents never thought getting the chickens was going to take this much effort! So 30 minutes or so of waiting the parents got a boost and finally was able to get to the chickens. Parents got the chickens from a family farm who owned about 50 different type of chickens. My parents wanted the Rhode Island Red chickens. They are dual purpose and hardy enough to survive the Alberta winter. The farm family also had horses, burrows and flock of geese.

Parents got 12 hens and 2 roosters. Hope the drive home will be much smoother than getting there! Luckily, the chickens got home safe. Now the challenge is getting them in the chicken coop. The chickens were awefully quiet in the animal trailer. We hope none of the chickens were injured or dead from the ride back. Dad slowly opened each section where the hens were and picked up one by one. They were all healthy but a bit nervous about being in a new home. The final challenge was moving the roosters. They are big and tall and can be aggressive. Dad had to open the door and grab their big legs. When they are upside down they are much calmer. Finally all the chickens were in the coop. Phew, what a long day! The chicken feed and water was already set up so told the chickens to have a good night.

So now we got chickens at our family ranch! Welcome chickens! Woof!

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