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Training your Bullmastiff

DSC00628We are strong and intimidating looking. But we are very warm at heart and very loyal to our family. We love to just hang out in the yard with our little human sisters and brothers. But the reason why we are calm and well mannered is because we always received positive reinforcement from our parents.  They never hit or yell at us. Our little sisters and brother will wrestle us and we just lied down. We love children. We only bark when there is a stranger near our house. We have a deep bark and our size intimidates anyone that comes by. We protect our family and that is our duty. We hear from our friends that some dogs are not well behaved. We think that if our friends our not well behaved it has something to do with their living environment, their parents may give them negative reinforcement. So most of the time it is not the dog’s fault. If you really want to help anyone with dog behaviour we suggest some good training courses. Just like how every children grow up differently with different personality, so do your bullmastiff. So with a calm and gentle family you will have a calm and gentle dog. Please raise your bullmastiff in a positive environment then you will leap your rewards with a gentle giant to please you and your family.

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