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Sad stories about Bullmastiff injuring other dogs

DSCN3241We once again we hear in the news that 2 Bullmastiff attacked a little Schunauzer in Calgary. We could not imagine the sadness that comes with these news. The society has categorized large bully breeds to be risk in the city and prone to these incidents. And when this happens the impression is that all of the same breed will have risk to attack. This is completely and utterly not true. Thanks to the show like Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer, we know that there are more training needed for the owner of the dogs than the actual dog. Any dog in a environment where they are giving exercise, balanced diet and affection with discipline will behave well and will not have social issues. Only when the dog is unbalanced with lack of exercise or maybe fed a bad diet of chemical filled super market dog food and isolate the dog in a cage or kennel for a long period of time can trigger the dog to be vicious. It is alot of work to keep the dog balanced but the reward for having a balanced dog is priceless. So please talk to your neighbour, your family and friends about this and send a message out to all dog owners that we can change for the better for all the dogs!! Woof!!

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