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Our Bull Mastiff Hime is pregnant and gave birth to 6 puppies!

After our long dream to breed our girl has finally came true. The mating was a success and Hime is expecting her puppies in the first week of October! The actual mating took place on August 1, 2011. And a dog gestation is average 63 days. Hime did not show until about 30 days into her pregnancy. Her nipples got larger and she started eating less so we knew she was pregnant. She was such a perfect dog during her pregnancy. We started monitoring Hime using a baby monitor from October 1. We got restless and sleepless nights the moment her 63rd day of gestation arrived with no puppies yet. The best way to check to see if your dam is going into labour is if you can check the dam’s temperature. Unfortunately Hime did not like us taking her temperature so had to check her by other signs like clear fluids from her vulva, eating pattern and nesting behavior. 24 hours before labour she started to dig furiously in the back yard. She kept doing that and drink water so we knew her labour was imminent! ¬†We got ourselves ready by having a quick dinner, get the whelping box area cleaned. We got all the labour supplies ready.

Now the sleepless nights begins….on October 5th just after mid night, Hime started with lots of panting and digging in the whelping box. She was in the last stage of labour. At 2:30AM she started pushing and keep looking at her back. Then suddenly we see this light green ball come out of her…it was the very first puppy! Once it came out and landed the floor she instantly licked it furiously. I was there in case Hime couldnt break the sac and let the puppy breathe. Hime did a great job. First is always amazing to watch. The tiredness went away once the puppy arrived. The first puppy is a black brindle male. It instantly started to nurse. I had to attend to make sure there was a placenta was out with the puppy and count them since if all the placenta is not out it can cause infection on the dam. Once the first puppy was dried with a warm towel, we waited for the second puppy to arrive but we waited for over and hour and no sign of puppy yet. Started searching online if that is normal and if not was ready to take her to the vet. But the time between puppy birth is not always timely so we waited patiently. Then finally the push happened and the second puppy came out at 4:06am. But we did not see a sac come out instead we saw a tiny puppy paws sticking out from Hime’s vulva. The second puppy actually broke his sac inside the womb and came out with no harm. Wow, what a relieve to finally see a puppy. It was a fawn male puppy and thriving and nursed right away. Hime is attentive to her first 2 puppies which is a good sign. Then next puppy arrived at 4:26am so we didnt have to wait over an hour for another one. Another fawn male! The third one came out head first in the black sac. The fourth one was born at 5:15am. Black brindle with white paws. A male puppy….no females yet! Then finally the 5th one came out at 6:12am and it was a female black brindle. All healthy and good size puppies. I was finally taking a potty break and then came back to the 6th one which came out just after 8am. It was fawn and not moving. Suddenly had to turned into rescue mode. Tried CPR, hot water and cold water to shock the system to revive it but no sign from the puppy. While this was a dramatic turn of events, I have read enough horror stories on whelping puppies that I was not too emotional about it. It is part of survival of the fitist. I thought for sure that that was the end of Hime’s labour. She looked relaxed with her 5 puppies so we were starting to relax and enjoying the first few hours with our puppies. Then after 4 hours since the last still birth, Hime started to push again! The 7th puppy has arrived. Beautiful fawn female thriving and moving. What a surprise! Did not expect any puppy since 4 hours have past but we were wrong. So now we have 6 beautiful puppies with our big momma Hime. Great work Hime!

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