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How to prevent from getting lost from the family by Hana

You hear many heroic stories of lost dogs from the earthquake in Japan, Hurricane Katrina in the US, any part of the world with any mother nature crisis.  We are so lucky to live in such a calm environment with us dogs being treated with respect and love. Our fellow canines around the world live with different traditions and rules that we never see in North America. But still the world is an unstable place and what if for any reason we get lost from our family?

I want to talk about how to prevent from getting lost first. There are several things you can do now so your forever companion will be with you forever.

  • Have a good collar with name tag- Put name of the dog and phone number of parents. Make sure it is waterproof ink pen so whoever finds your dog can read the tag!
  • Get microchip on your next vet visit. It cost anywhere in the $30-$50 to get a small grain of rice size chip imbedded in your dog’s shoulder area. Then the important step is to register your information for about $20. Your family’s information will be added to a massive microchip database so when someone finds your dog they can match it to your family’s information. Small price to pay to have a happy ending. Only 15% of dogs in North America has a microchip. Highly recommended!
  • Ofcourse it sounds obvious but never leave your dog unattended. If you are going somewhere leave the dog in the garage or inside the house. Not in the backyard. Dogs also can get stolen if its a smaller dog so do not go shopping with your dog and leave the dog in front of the supermarket too. Many sad things happens when you do this.
  • Also never unleash your dog in a new place like campsite. Take your dog for a walk around the campsite and make sure your dog sniffs and take in the area before unleashing. This happened to us when we went camping in the Yukon. Our parents unleashed us at the campsite then we decided to chase a caribou that was nearby. Our parents were not happy when they had to find us over a mile away. We were never allowed to free roam the area after that incident. But that is because our parents are worried about us chasing something and run away. So its a parents thing :)

Hope your parents have done what is listed here so you will never get lost from your family.

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