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Hime is on a date with Jake!

Hime & JakeHime our 4 year old bull mastiff girl is starting to go on a date with Jake. Jake is a 2 year old bull mastiff boy. Very handsome and tall and playful. Yes, I know Hime is a bit older but I don’t think dogs care about age when dating…..lol. Their first date was a bit rocky…. Why?? Jake’s dad wanted to go to a big dog park in Calgary where several hundred dogs roam around. Our Hime lives on an acreage and only sees Coyotes and neighbourhood dogs once in a while so having to deal with many excited city dogs was a bit much for her. She was getting sniffed by many excited dogs, so it was not exactly a romantic walk on the park. Jake was happy to meet Hime and they sniffed and greeted each other then they run around to the river. They splashed and jumped and finally got some quality time.

After over an hour of quality time, Hime was ready to go home. Mastiffs are big but not hyper and so all the comotion of a city park was a bit too much for her. Once Hime knew she was near the parking lot she zipped beside Daddy’s truck. Sat pretty and ready to jump into go home. ¬†First date was a success! Keep tune for her second date…woof woof!

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