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Hime is in heat!!

Hi, I am Hime. 4 year old bull mastiff. I look forward to my Sunday mornings as this is a day I get to go on a big walk with Jake. Jake and I have been on Sunday walks for 6 month or so on doggy dates ;)

On July 20, my sister Hana returned from her stay with our Dad’s brother’s family. Hana loved being part of Uncle’s family as she gets spoiled as a big pup and Uncle always wanted a dog so it was a perfect match! But Hana was in heat and so needed a place to put her since a dog in heat can be messy if left in the house.  I was still not in heat when Hana arrived but soon enough I started bleeding. So it is official now, I am in heat! My parents were excited since that means mating with Jake will happen and a potential for puppies. My mom says I go into heat twice a year so finally I got my heat for the year.

Lets see what will happen once I am in heat….stay tuned!

BTW, that is my boyfriend Jake in the picture…isnt he handsome?


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