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November 8, 2013
by Woof360
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Xena’s Favorite pet things

Xena wants her readers to check out these pet businesses that you can do to help other pets and make money! 1) It is known that Petsitting is a trending business in the Pet industry. There are many pets that … Continue reading

January 28, 2013
by Woof360
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Training your Bullmastiff

We are strong and intimidating looking. But we are very warm at heart and very loyal to our family. We love to just hang out in the yard with our little human sisters and brothers. But the reason why we … Continue reading

April 14, 2012
by Woof360
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Amazing journey with the puppies

What an amazing several month it has been witnessing the birth of 6 beautiful puppies and raising them every single day. It was sleepless nights making sure that new mom Hime can really take care of the puppies. Just imagine … Continue reading

Hime is in heat!!

September 26, 2011 by Woof360

Hi, I am Hime. 4 year old bull mastiff. I look forward to my Sunday mornings as this is a day I get to go on a big walk with Jake. Jake and I have been on Sunday walks for 6 month or so on doggy dates ;)

On July 20, my sister Hana returned from her stay with our Dad’s brother’s family. Hana loved being part of Uncle’s family as she gets spoiled as a big pup and Uncle always wanted a dog so it was a perfect match! But Hana was in heat and so needed a place to put her since a dog in heat can be messy if left in the house.  I was still not in heat when Hana arrived but soon enough I started bleeding. So it is official now, I am in heat! My parents were excited since that means mating with Jake will happen and a potential for puppies. My mom says I go into heat twice a year so finally I got my heat for the year.

Lets see what will happen once I am in heat….stay tuned!

BTW, that is my boyfriend Jake in the picture…isnt he handsome?


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September 20, 2011
by Woof360
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We got chickens!

My parents told me that we are getting chickens. My first thought is why chickens? My parents said it was for the eggs the hens lay. We can get fresh egg everyday! The old chicken coop needed some work so … Continue reading