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Amazing journey with the puppies

DSCN2418What an amazing several month it has been witnessing the birth of 6 beautiful puppies and raising them every single day. It was sleepless nights making sure that new mom Hime can really take care of the puppies. Just imagine suddenly having to take care of 6 babies. Even dog moms are prone to be nervous with their pups or even abandon them from birth. So the first few days was nerve wrecking to watch. But Momma Hime took the puppies in as her own and did a great job nursing them.

Every day you see something new. The puppies nails got bigger and thicker, their ears which was closed and so tiny at birth grew by the day and when their eyes opened at Day 11, magically their ear started to open too.  The day their eyes opened was a special thing that I witnessed. When I held one of the puppies, I can see their little eye lid was open slightly. It looked grey and fuzzy and I am pretty sure the puppy still can’t see very well but you can see that little eye moving in there trying to see me. Once their eye opens it is fun time with the puppies. They will move around and the litter mates start to play with each other. Bumping and try doing a mini grawl which is so cute to hear. Litter mates keep each other warm and keep each others company until they are ready to go to their new homes. It is so profound to see how a little life grow so fast and strong. The biggest surprise was when the little baby paws turn into a real puppy paw. Bullmastiff paws grow so big and plump!

We gave the puppies nick names and also decided to keep the fawn female puppy. We had 3 black brindle and 3 fawn. 4 boys and 2 girls.

When they passed 8 weeks old, we started advertising the puppies on the Internet. We had few friends who were interested but decided to advertise. We got response from potential new families right away. It was exciting but also sad that it was almost time for the puppies to go to their new homes. We sold the first 4 in the first month. Then the last one was with us for another 2 month. Somehow we kept getting people who were interested but at last minute do not show up or decide not to get the puppy. It was an interesting experience selling puppies and we met nice families who adopted our puppies which we are happy about.  When the last puppy went to his new home, we finally had our 2 adult females and our fawn puppy Xena. It felt very quiet after all the puppies were gone. But felt an accomplishment to have raised such beautiful and healthy puppies and now they have gone to their new homes. Now we will begin our journey with our own puppy Xena.


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