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November 8, 2013
by Woof360
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Xena’s Favorite pet things


Xena wants her readers to check out these pet businesses that you can do to help other pets and make money!

1) It is known that Petsitting is a trending business in the Pet industry. There are many pets that needs to be cared and my mom(human) is doing it on part time basis and she loves it!

2) If you have a non shedding long hair dog or cat you will need pet grooming! And so this is another booming business with demands in any city. If you want to start pet grooming all you need to do is get a job at the Pet grooming salon. You can say you have no experience and you may have to just get training with minimal wage the first year but you will get all the training you need to start your own pet grooming business.

3) If you are going to be the next pet business entrepreneur and you are concerned about the environment and want your dog/cat/pet to live a happy and healthy life, you can try and create anAll Natural Pet Care line!

4) As my mom taking care and giving birth to me and my siblings there are many treat your pet at home methods you can learn that your Vet won’t tell you. If you want to know how to take care your pet at home for minor injuries go look for Veterinary Secrets Revealed!

5) If you want to train your dog or always wanted to be a dog trainer, you can find some tricks and things you can do with your dog immediately! Try learn about Dog training secrets here.

Dog Training Zone

6) Dog treats and cookies are also a booming business. Many pet owners are concerned about their pet’s health that they would rather spend more on organic and natural cookies and treats than the commercial ones. If you love baking why dont you turn your passion into making healthy dog treats for your loved pet and even start your own business!!

7) Congratulation on your new puppy! Now you have to potty train your puppy but how do you do it? Now a days you can do all the training in your house! You can even potty train your puppy with a litter box. Yes litter box can be used for puppies too not only for your kitties :)  Learn how here!

8) Did you ever wanted to be a pet portrait artist? Well here is your chance to learn and make money by drawing or painting pets for customers. You can advertise online and create a website to show your portfolio and boom you have a business!

9) After so many recalls of commercial dog food. Many pet owners are concerned for their pet and many have switched their diet to Raw food diet. There are some techniques on how to feed your dog on a raw food diet. If you want to learn more about how to feed your pet correctly find out here. Or if raw food is too much to handle, you can try making your own dog food at home!





November 7, 2013
by Woof360
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Sad stories about Bullmastiff injuring other dogs

DSCN3241We once again we hear in the news that 2 Bullmastiff attacked a little Schunauzer in Calgary. We could not imagine the sadness that comes with these news. The society has categorized large bully breeds to be risk in the city and prone to these incidents. And when this happens the impression is that all of the same breed will have risk to attack. This is completely and utterly not true. Thanks to the show like Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer, we know that there are more training needed for the owner of the dogs than the actual dog. Any dog in a environment where they are giving exercise, balanced diet and affection with discipline will behave well and will not have social issues. Only when the dog is unbalanced with lack of exercise or maybe fed a bad diet of chemical filled super market dog food and isolate the dog in a cage or kennel for a long period of time can trigger the dog to be vicious. It is alot of work to keep the dog balanced but the reward for having a balanced dog is priceless. So please talk to your neighbour, your family and friends about this and send a message out to all dog owners that we can change for the better for all the dogs!! Woof!!

January 28, 2013
by Woof360
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Training your Bullmastiff

DSC00628We are strong and intimidating looking. But we are very warm at heart and very loyal to our family. We love to just hang out in the yard with our little human sisters and brothers. But the reason why we are calm and well mannered is because we always received positive reinforcement from our parents.  They never hit or yell at us. Our little sisters and brother will wrestle us and we just lied down. We love children. We only bark when there is a stranger near our house. We have a deep bark and our size intimidates anyone that comes by. We protect our family and that is our duty. We hear from our friends that some dogs are not well behaved. We think that if our friends our not well behaved it has something to do with their living environment, their parents may give them negative reinforcement. So most of the time it is not the dog’s fault. If you really want to help anyone with dog behaviour we suggest some good training courses. Just like how every children grow up differently with different personality, so do your bullmastiff. So with a calm and gentle family you will have a calm and gentle dog. Please raise your bullmastiff in a positive environment then you will leap your rewards with a gentle giant to please you and your family.

April 14, 2012
by Woof360
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Amazing journey with the puppies

DSCN2418What an amazing several month it has been witnessing the birth of 6 beautiful puppies and raising them every single day. It was sleepless nights making sure that new mom Hime can really take care of the puppies. Just imagine suddenly having to take care of 6 babies. Even dog moms are prone to be nervous with their pups or even abandon them from birth. So the first few days was nerve wrecking to watch. But Momma Hime took the puppies in as her own and did a great job nursing them.

Every day you see something new. The puppies nails got bigger and thicker, their ears which was closed and so tiny at birth grew by the day and when their eyes opened at Day 11, magically their ear started to open too.  The day their eyes opened was a special thing that I witnessed. When I held one of the puppies, I can see their little eye lid was open slightly. It looked grey and fuzzy and I am pretty sure the puppy still can’t see very well but you can see that little eye moving in there trying to see me. Once their eye opens it is fun time with the puppies. They will move around and the litter mates start to play with each other. Bumping and try doing a mini grawl which is so cute to hear. Litter mates keep each other warm and keep each others company until they are ready to go to their new homes. It is so profound to see how a little life grow so fast and strong. The biggest surprise was when the little baby paws turn into a real puppy paw. Bullmastiff paws grow so big and plump!

We gave the puppies nick names and also decided to keep the fawn female puppy. We had 3 black brindle and 3 fawn. 4 boys and 2 girls.

When they passed 8 weeks old, we started advertising the puppies on the Internet. We had few friends who were interested but decided to advertise. We got response from potential new families right away. It was exciting but also sad that it was almost time for the puppies to go to their new homes. We sold the first 4 in the first month. Then the last one was with us for another 2 month. Somehow we kept getting people who were interested but at last minute do not show up or decide not to get the puppy. It was an interesting experience selling puppies and we met nice families who adopted our puppies which we are happy about.  When the last puppy went to his new home, we finally had our 2 adult females and our fawn puppy Xena. It felt very quiet after all the puppies were gone. But felt an accomplishment to have raised such beautiful and healthy puppies and now they have gone to their new homes. Now we will begin our journey with our own puppy Xena.


November 16, 2011
by Woof360
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Our Bull Mastiff Hime is pregnant and gave birth to 6 puppies!

After our long dream to breed our girl has finally came true. The mating was a success and Hime is expecting her puppies in the first week of October! The actual mating took place on August 1, 2011. And a dog gestation is average 63 days. Hime did not show until about 30 days into her pregnancy. Her nipples got larger and she started eating less so we knew she was pregnant. She was such a perfect dog during her pregnancy. We started monitoring Hime using a baby monitor from October 1. We got restless and sleepless nights the moment her 63rd day of gestation arrived with no puppies yet. The best way to check to see if your dam is going into labour is if you can check the dam’s temperature. Unfortunately Hime did not like us taking her temperature so had to check her by other signs like clear fluids from her vulva, eating pattern and nesting behavior. 24 hours before labour she started to dig furiously in the back yard. She kept doing that and drink water so we knew her labour was imminent!  We got ourselves ready by having a quick dinner, get the whelping box area cleaned. We got all the labour supplies ready.

Now the sleepless nights begins….on October 5th just after mid night, Hime started with lots of panting and digging in the whelping box. She was in the last stage of labour. At 2:30AM she started pushing and keep looking at her back. Then suddenly we see this light green ball come out of her…it was the very first puppy! Once it came out and landed the floor she instantly licked it furiously. I was there in case Hime couldnt break the sac and let the puppy breathe. Hime did a great job. First is always amazing to watch. The tiredness went away once the puppy arrived. The first puppy is a black brindle male. It instantly started to nurse. I had to attend to make sure there was a placenta was out with the puppy and count them since if all the placenta is not out it can cause infection on the dam. Once the first puppy was dried with a warm towel, we waited for the second puppy to arrive but we waited for over and hour and no sign of puppy yet. Started searching online if that is normal and if not was ready to take her to the vet. But the time between puppy birth is not always timely so we waited patiently. Then finally the push happened and the second puppy came out at 4:06am. But we did not see a sac come out instead we saw a tiny puppy paws sticking out from Hime’s vulva. The second puppy actually broke his sac inside the womb and came out with no harm. Wow, what a relieve to finally see a puppy. It was a fawn male puppy and thriving and nursed right away. Hime is attentive to her first 2 puppies which is a good sign. Then next puppy arrived at 4:26am so we didnt have to wait over an hour for another one. Another fawn male! The third one came out head first in the black sac. The fourth one was born at 5:15am. Black brindle with white paws. A male puppy….no females yet! Then finally the 5th one came out at 6:12am and it was a female black brindle. All healthy and good size puppies. I was finally taking a potty break and then came back to the 6th one which came out just after 8am. It was fawn and not moving. Suddenly had to turned into rescue mode. Tried CPR, hot water and cold water to shock the system to revive it but no sign from the puppy. While this was a dramatic turn of events, I have read enough horror stories on whelping puppies that I was not too emotional about it. It is part of survival of the fitist. I thought for sure that that was the end of Hime’s labour. She looked relaxed with her 5 puppies so we were starting to relax and enjoying the first few hours with our puppies. Then after 4 hours since the last still birth, Hime started to push again! The 7th puppy has arrived. Beautiful fawn female thriving and moving. What a surprise! Did not expect any puppy since 4 hours have past but we were wrong. So now we have 6 beautiful puppies with our big momma Hime. Great work Hime!

Hime is in heat!!

September 26, 2011 by Woof360

Hi, I am Hime. 4 year old bull mastiff. I look forward to my Sunday mornings as this is a day I get to go on a big walk with Jake. Jake and I have been on Sunday walks for 6 month or so on doggy dates ;)

On July 20, my sister Hana returned from her stay with our Dad’s brother’s family. Hana loved being part of Uncle’s family as she gets spoiled as a big pup and Uncle always wanted a dog so it was a perfect match! But Hana was in heat and so needed a place to put her since a dog in heat can be messy if left in the house.  I was still not in heat when Hana arrived but soon enough I started bleeding. So it is official now, I am in heat! My parents were excited since that means mating with Jake will happen and a potential for puppies. My mom says I go into heat twice a year so finally I got my heat for the year.

Lets see what will happen once I am in heat….stay tuned!

BTW, that is my boyfriend Jake in the picture…isnt he handsome?


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September 20, 2011
by Woof360
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We got chickens!

IMG_6347My parents told me that we are getting chickens. My first thought is why chickens? My parents said it was for the eggs the hens lay. We can get fresh egg everyday! The old chicken coop needed some work so dad was working to fix the roof and also build a chicken run. Chickens need a run to get sunshine during the day and to get enough nutrient to produce that perfect egg!

Mom and dad went to get the chickens. They told me it was a long troublesome day. On the major highway they got a flat tire on the animal trailer. The flat tire was on the traffic side so dad had to be very careful changing the tire.  Mom and baby had to watch dad so he wont get hit by a car. It was a very scary 30 minutes. Finally the flat tire was fixed but when dad started the truck the truck didn’t start. The truck battery died! So parents had to wait for a tow truck to get a battery boost. My parents never thought getting the chickens was going to take this much effort! So 30 minutes or so of waiting the parents got a boost and finally was able to get to the chickens. Parents got the chickens from a family farm who owned about 50 different type of chickens. My parents wanted the Rhode Island Red chickens. They are dual purpose and hardy enough to survive the Alberta winter. The farm family also had horses, burrows and flock of geese.

Parents got 12 hens and 2 roosters. Hope the drive home will be much smoother than getting there! Luckily, the chickens got home safe. Now the challenge is getting them in the chicken coop. The chickens were awefully quiet in the animal trailer. We hope none of the chickens were injured or dead from the ride back. Dad slowly opened each section where the hens were and picked up one by one. They were all healthy but a bit nervous about being in a new home. The final challenge was moving the roosters. They are big and tall and can be aggressive. Dad had to open the door and grab their big legs. When they are upside down they are much calmer. Finally all the chickens were in the coop. Phew, what a long day! The chicken feed and water was already set up so told the chickens to have a good night.

So now we got chickens at our family ranch! Welcome chickens! Woof!

August 29, 2011
by Woof360
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Our family moved to the ranch!

hime during summer

Woof, sorry for not posting for a while. Our family summer got really busy! We moved to 8 acre ranch just east of Calgary. My parents wanted an acreage (place to have lots of animals) and was looking for a place for 2 years. It has been a long search but finally we got possession and here we are! The previous owner of the ranch had 11 horses. Our family is starting with us the 2 dogs, 2 cats and 30 fish and 14 chickens! Mom said she is planning to get some goats and horses too.  It will be a big ranch soon!



May 26, 2011
by Woof360
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How to prevent from getting lost from the family by Hana

You hear many heroic stories of lost dogs from the earthquake in Japan, Hurricane Katrina in the US, any part of the world with any mother nature crisis.  We are so lucky to live in such a calm environment with us dogs being treated with respect and love. Our fellow canines around the world live with different traditions and rules that we never see in North America. But still the world is an unstable place and what if for any reason we get lost from our family?

I want to talk about how to prevent from getting lost first. There are several things you can do now so your forever companion will be with you forever.

  • Have a good collar with name tag- Put name of the dog and phone number of parents. Make sure it is waterproof ink pen so whoever finds your dog can read the tag!
  • Get microchip on your next vet visit. It cost anywhere in the $30-$50 to get a small grain of rice size chip imbedded in your dog’s shoulder area. Then the important step is to register your information for about $20. Your family’s information will be added to a massive microchip database so when someone finds your dog they can match it to your family’s information. Small price to pay to have a happy ending. Only 15% of dogs in North America has a microchip. Highly recommended!
  • Ofcourse it sounds obvious but never leave your dog unattended. If you are going somewhere leave the dog in the garage or inside the house. Not in the backyard. Dogs also can get stolen if its a smaller dog so do not go shopping with your dog and leave the dog in front of the supermarket too. Many sad things happens when you do this.
  • Also never unleash your dog in a new place like campsite. Take your dog for a walk around the campsite and make sure your dog sniffs and take in the area before unleashing. This happened to us when we went camping in the Yukon. Our parents unleashed us at the campsite then we decided to chase a caribou that was nearby. Our parents were not happy when they had to find us over a mile away. We were never allowed to free roam the area after that incident. But that is because our parents are worried about us chasing something and run away. So its a parents thing :)

Hope your parents have done what is listed here so you will never get lost from your family.

May 25, 2011
by Woof360
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Hime is on a date with Jake!

Hime & JakeHime our 4 year old bull mastiff girl is starting to go on a date with Jake. Jake is a 2 year old bull mastiff boy. Very handsome and tall and playful. Yes, I know Hime is a bit older but I don’t think dogs care about age when dating…..lol. Their first date was a bit rocky…. Why?? Jake’s dad wanted to go to a big dog park in Calgary where several hundred dogs roam around. Our Hime lives on an acreage and only sees Coyotes and neighbourhood dogs once in a while so having to deal with many excited city dogs was a bit much for her. She was getting sniffed by many excited dogs, so it was not exactly a romantic walk on the park. Jake was happy to meet Hime and they sniffed and greeted each other then they run around to the river. They splashed and jumped and finally got some quality time.

After over an hour of quality time, Hime was ready to go home. Mastiffs are big but not hyper and so all the comotion of a city park was a bit too much for her. Once Hime knew she was near the parking lot she zipped beside Daddy’s truck. Sat pretty and ready to jump into go home.  First date was a success! Keep tune for her second date…woof woof!